Olga Slavnikova

“Olga Slavnikova’s novel ‘2017’ is a happening. She has the temperament of a fighter and a covert empathy for the downtrodden. She has a psychologist’s experience and the fervour of an ingenious storyteller, she has a talent for invention and a contemplative interest in every day occurrences; she knows how to capture the signs of the times and to filter out their symbolic content. Her writing comes close to that of Nabokov, she is hungry to be heard; she venerates tradition and inclines towards innovation. All of this is to be found in her novel ‘2017’”.

"Anti-Utopia, enriched with the folklore of the Urals and refined with a deeply profound psychology. The romanticism of mountaineering expeditions and the gruesome conventions of the precious stone business; an urban love story and a mythology of the near future; realism and romance. Olga Slavnikova’s new novel is an accomplished blend of all of these."

“This novel is a breakthrough for Olga Slavnikova ... A top class thriller – perhaps the first time that an author, for whom style has been the sole concern up to now, has set the storyline wheel spinning with one striking scene after the other … This book could also make a profit for Hollywood.”

“This enigmatic, frenetic, interesting, naive, enchanting, determined, heartrending book is one you have to read and allow it to move you.”