Wiedling Literary Agency is based in Munich and focuses - with few exceptions - on authors who write in Russophone languages which means authors from the post-soviet countries who mainly write in Russian, whether they are Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian or American citizens. The agency represents literature in all its diversity, but with no exception books that serve mutual understanding instead of exclusion or oppression of others. The agency feels its small share of responsibility to support and promote peaceful cultural exchange between peaceful people.

Really wanting to understand the other one means first of all listening to the other one. And in the end we also better understand ourselves.

As a literary agency we are keen on promoting the entire oeuvre of an author. But our services also include research, fund raising, networking.

Numerous journalists, translators and all kinds of cultural institutions report to us and cooperate with us.

We are in close cooperation with many Co-Agents worldwide and welcome more professionals who are fluent in Russian to help us promoting and selling our clients´ works.

Your trust is our success.

Yours, Thomas Wiedling