Lev Danilkin


„This book is not about bringing Lenin back to the Russian Pantheon or making him the idol of youth. The aim is to infect the reader with his own passion ... This book is an injection of sound reason, justice and healthy anger.“

„(Danilkin) does neither try to archaise his narrative style artificially, nor to adapt it to the material, he is not devoted to the way his hero speaks. Danilkin speaks exactly as he would talk to his contemporaries about any other person. And that undoubtedly gives this book its relevance and freshness: Not a trace of the dust and patina we're used to when dealing with Lenin.“


“Danilkin‘s writing is strong and harsh, with the glow of a winter frost, but suddenly his polished style tips into a thawed hallucinatory pit. Then it reappears and shines cold again, but the pits ... The pits are the charm of this text.“
Sergei Shargunov

“Gagarin is a myth. The first cosmonaut, icon, toy in the hands of the Soviet govern- ment and journalists, but not a man. Lev Danilkin took up this difficult task - to restore Gagarin‘s human status.“
Theory and Practice