Sukhbat Aflatuni

Sukhbat Aflatuni (Evgeni Abdulaev) was born in 1971 in Namangan (Uzbekistan). He studied philosophy at the University of Tashkent and was awarded a PhD for his research on Zoroastrianism. In 1999 he was a co-founder of the "Tashkent Poetry School". He can be distinguished from the poet and namesake Shamshat Abdualev by his pseudonym Aflatuni (Arabic for Plato). Aflatuni writes in Russian and publishes poetry, prose, criticisms, essays and is a translator. Aflatuni lives in Tashkent.

Awards: 2016 Shortlist Yasnaya Polyana Award
2016 Longlist National Bestseller Award
2016 Shortlist Russian Booker Prize
2016 Shortlist Yasnaya Polyana Award
2010 Russian Award / Longlist Big Book Award
2008 Shortlist Kazakov Award
2005 Russian Award